An Exploit of the Pros and Cons of Vaccination

download (43)The world shrinks daily as more and more people gain access to social media. The concept of six degrees of separation can easily adjusted to three degrees of separation. We are in constant contact with people more now than the late 18th and 19th century. Therefore, the spread of disease can wipe out an entire city in months if not weeks. Consequently, the advent objection of parents to vaccinating their children seems counterproductive and at times willful.

Regrettably, there exist controversy regarding immunization. Many constantly connect Autism to vaccination even when several reputable medical experts debunked the report done on such a connection. Yet with established medical documentation that there is no actual connection to Autism and vaccination, mainstream media continue to link these two separate terms. The repeated exposure to inaccurate reporting mislead many parents into believing that vaccinating their child will cause Autism.

As the world shrinks and the degree gets smaller and with a review of historical black plague, vaccine becomes a necessary precaution. The recent scare of Ebola should be sufficient motivation to implement and improve the administration of vaccines. Modern day medical research has exceeded medical expectation however, research cannot guarantee good health or long life. There are side effects for most manufactured drugs, but does that should not prevent the use.

Parents are the first line defense for their children. Sometimes the defense gets foggy by misrepresentation and fear. Subsequently, with modern access to the internet and library resources parents can do their own research. Parents can take the bull by the horn. Proactive parents look into what is true, and what is false. They realize the importance of understand all the consequences of vaccination and non-vaccination for their children. The information is out there unfortunately, misinformation is also available. Parents must use discernment and commonsense as they navigate through the vast array of medical information to make the best medical decisions. This can men taking the time to evaluate the pros and cons of immunization.

A healthy productive child is important to every parent. While the agreement on how best to accomplish this is froth with controversy, uncertainty, and fear it is imperative to keep options available. The individual child requires individual care and for some that might mean no vaccination for others a few, and for many more the regular dose. Read the article and uncover what will be best for your child.

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